down 2-1 in a series facing elimination...what is going through your head as a player?

chances are you are perhaps questioning or at least trying to figure out what went wrong last night as you got beat up badly....what does it mean (to you) that you lost badly? what will you try to do differently tonight to avoid elimination? questions like these do ONE THING- they take us out of the ONE THING that we need to focus on to be successful ....THAT IS - THE PRESENT MOMENT....if you are contemplating and 'going over' stuff in your head' you are beating yourself already because it will not be wise NOT to take that on the field tonight...whatever you LEARNED is stored and will be accessed when needed but going over it a hundred times in your head is certainly not going to serve you well.... there are quick tools that can be used to help bring you back into zone presence where you play your best ball.... ask me how

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