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Baseball Swing

John Thaddeus Fiore

Sports Performance Improvement

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What is SPIT?


SPIT is the use of ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY techniques such as EFT and hypnotherapy to help clear mental and /or emotional blockages to better performance.


Why should we clear out major life mistakes from your energy field to excel in sports?

The answer is pretty simple; It's like having a continuous program running (in your head) within a computer. You can't see it but it's running back there and slowing things up. Lots of 'processing' going on. So here is how it works - anytime something remotely reminds you of anything from the past that memory or (feeling) activates your cells where the event was stored. You will either have a conscious or unconscious reaction to it. It could be activated by what you see, hear, smell or taste. If that cellular memory was a negative one you will NOT be able to make a choice or decision in the PRESENT moment. Yes it's as if you are living in the past. Unresolved memories (emotions) are chemicals (yes chemicals) within your cells and while they are activated you will more than likely make choices or decisions from a fearful guarded place. 

A better player is one who plays free of mental 'clutter'.. 
Using ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY for Sports you are giving yourself the best possible chance to allow your training to work for you at the highest limitless level of capability because you are working with your inner BELIEF SYSTEM.

Through the use of EFT, a technique that releases blocks on the physiological, cellular, and subconscious levels, John helps professional and amateur athletes rapidly achieve breakthroughs in their performance.

Results can vary however EFT has shown that these results have been possible

  • Increased Physical Recovery Times

  • Rehabilitation of Past Injury 

  • Gain of Range of Motion

  • Maximum Performance

  • Removal of Weaknesses

  • Eliminating Fear and Doubt

About John

John Thaddeus Fiore is an Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner-(EFT)and Coach. With 22 years as a baseball umpire (10 with NCAA), John understands the hardships and mental obstacles that athletes run into. His style of Sports Performance Improvement Techniques helps calm and center athletes, allowing for total focus and presence; the goal of anyone who plays sports.